Can't get on internet, how do I activate my Dfx v4?
Posted by DFX Software Support-Jena on 21 August 2015 03:01 PM

Here is how you manually license your Dfx v4 offline*-

When activation options come up you will be choosing 'Request License from Self-Service Website'
The self-service website will generate a license file which you can then transfer to the desired computer that is offline.The web address is:

You will need:

1) Access to a computer that can get online. *In order to get this license file from the self-service website you will need to get on a machine that can access the internet.2) You will need some kind of media to transfer your license.   Once you have secured that license file, you will need to get it to the machine that is offline. Therefore, you will need to 'save it' to a USB stick or DVD/CD to transfer it onto your offline machine

You will need two pieces of information to create the license:

1) Host ID: Shown in the Self-Service Activation window.
2) Version 4 License Code: Sent to you by email.
Kindly read and followthe directions on the Self-Service Website for installation of your license.

 self service installer-1.pdf (2.02 MB)
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