I have installed the software and having activation issues
Posted by DFX Software Support-Jena on 02 July 2014 02:49 PM

When having activation issues, please note the following:

1- Don't Panic... if you are installed and running in trial, you are running in a full working version with no limitations. Trials run for 15 days.

2- Make note of error message, most errors and fixes are found in our knowledgebase. All activation issues to be troubleshooted by support must be requested through support ticket.

3- When creating ticket for activation issues; give error code, license code and when indicated host id

4- You can install as many machines as you like, however you cannot activate license on as many machines as you like. Make note of the license policy

5- If you are transferring license from one machine to another, YOU must be manually deactivate the machine of license before transferring it to another machine.

    This is the responsibility of the license holder, NOT the job of the Support Team.

6- Uninstalling the software from the machine is NOT deactivating license. The software must be installed in order to deactivate license.

    (Directions for transferring licenses are located here: )

7-Installers are here for v1/ v2-

   v3 installers are here:    ( Read User Guides for installation and activation steps )



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