Why do I receive Error 3650/3651 -Invalid License in Dfx v3 or v4?
Posted by Michael Cassara on 06 April 2015 01:45 PM

In Version 3 and 4, ERROR 3650/3651 means license/ product code cannot be found in database.

Check for typos and make sure that your letters are capitalized and not in lower case.

ERROR 3650- Also could mean you are using the wrong license/ product code to activate.
For example; a Dfx v3 Standalone license code will not activate the Dfx v3 Photo Plug-in product. Or a Standalone v3 license will NOT activate a Standalone v4 software.

Please note, you are buying a specified license code to run your software unrestricted. So when you are installing the Tiffen Dfx software, you will be prompted to pick your installation host and paths.  The installer will find all applicable software hosts and paths to run the software. However you will only be allowed to unrestrict the product of your purchase. If you checked any of the other Dfx products during this process, they will run only as trials. If you try to activate them with the wrong license code, you will get ERROR 3650.

DFX Standalone does not require a host, and will be installed as a Standlone or independent software in your Applications folder on your Mac or C/Programs on your Window machine.

DFX Photo Plug-in requires a host for it to work. The Dfx Photo plug in will install into the supported hosts of Photoshop/Elements, Adobe LightRoom and Apple Aperture.

DFX Video Plug-in also requires a host for it to work.  The Dfx Video plug in will install into the supported hosts of Avid, Final Cut Pro , Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Please consult the user guide of your product/license for more details. The User Guide and the latest build of installation  for versions 1, 2, and 3 please go here:   The latest for version 4 is located here:

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